PRO-data, collected directly from patients through digital questionnaires, provide valuable insights into patients' health status, symptoms, quality of life, and functional capabilities.

This data, often gathered from the comfort of the patient's home, helps flag the need for clinical attention and guides healthcare providers in decision-making processes.

The role of PRO in clinical practice

Evidence show that incorporating PROs in clinical practice enhances patient satisfaction, disease knowledge and support the communication with the clinicians.

The patients' responses provide clinicians with a deeper understanding of their condition and help guide discussions toward patient needs and priorities offering a more patient centred approach.

PRO benefits both patients and clinicians by improving consultation preparation, validating patient experiences, and enhancing disease management.

Clinicians benefit from clearer insights into patient conditions, facilitating planning, assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring.

An introduction to AmbuFlex

Based in the Central Denmark Region, AmbuFlex is one of the leading actors within the field of research and clinical use of patient-reported outcomes.

AmbuFlex provides a unique model comprising three core elements: PRO data collection, a PRO-based algorithm, and a graphical overview.

Since its inception in 2012, the AmbuFlex model has been actively integrated into routine clinical practice. As of April 2024, AmbuFlex has been successfully implemented across 70 distinct patient groups in hospitals within three of Denmark's five regions.

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